Turkey Club Pinwheels



These eye catching Turkey Club Pinwheels are extremely easy to make with deli restaurant style flavor!  They would make a perfect appetizer or a great to-go lunch.  Sandwiches is one of my favorite foods.  I haven’t been as in to them lately because I eat mostly low carb and gluten-free, and I haven’t found a bread that’s gluten-free that I like.   Continue reading

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

PS Grilled Cheese

Last week, I posted a recipe and talked about how I still have the little kid in me, when it come to chicken nuggets and fries.  Well, that goes for grilled cheeses too.  I grew up eating buttered toasted fake wheat bread, with american cheese (as my family and I liked to call it, plastic cheese) and it was delicious.  However, the fake bread and cheese just doesn’t tickle my fancy anymore. Continue reading