Cocoa Orange Slush


I have so many oranges I don’t know what to do with them.  I picked some off from dad’s orange tree and came home with a whole bag full.  Why I thought I needed so many oranges at one time, is beyond me but, I’m finding ways to make good use of them.  Chocolate and orange sounds like a weird combination, but it’s actually quite tasty.  I remember when Starbucks had an orange chocolate drink years ago.  I worked there at the time and I remember thinking it was the worst drink they created. Continue reading

Paleo Cocoa Espresso Bean Pancakes

PS espresso bean pancakes

These pancakes pair beautifully with a weekend morning and a cup of coffee.  They are satisfying, delightful, and oh so delicious.  I love the taste and flavor of coffee, (like coffee ice cream!) and I love the taste of pancakes.  So, why not put the two together? Continue reading

Make-Ahead FUN FLAVORED Banana “Ice Cream”

 I love ice cream.  Like, LOVE.  I’m always craving something cold and creamy, especially in the evenings for dessert, and I always go for a bowl of ice cream.  Or frozen yogurt, OR, this deliciously, amazing, thigh friendly, banana “ice cream”!

Continue reading

Paleo Espresso Bean Muffins

photo shop

I decided to eat strictly paleo for the next 2 weeks, right before a bachelorette trip for a good friend of mine. Given that I’ll be in a bathing suit all day, and shorts or dresses in the evenings, I knew I would feel more comfortable and better about my self if I watch what I eat for the next few weeks. I eat 75% paleo naturally, so it isn’t too much of an adjustment in my diet. I just find it requires more food prepping, planning, and grocery shopping. Continue reading

Power Breakfast Blended Mocha


My husband and I wake up to fresh brewed coffee daily.  We don’t know what we would do without coffee, I mean each other, in our lives.  So, I pour 3 cups of coffee, one for my husband, one for me, and one that I put in the freezer.  I then cut a banana into slices and stick that in the freezer, as well.  About an hour or so later when I am ready for this treat, the coffee is cold enough to be the base of this drink. Continue reading