Gluten Free Beef Stroganoff


I was craving beef stroganoff the other day because I’m sure the last time I’ve had it was when I was a child, so I just had to make it!  My husband had memories of it too so he was so excited when I was making it.  We both agree it isn’t what we remember as kids, since I added things in it I know my parents didn’t, but the bold flavors were and that’s what’s important. Continue reading

Hand-Dipped Pretzel Snack (Gluten-Free)


There’s something about digging your hand into a homemade snack that’s just so rewarding!  It has that extra touch of love that you won’t get from a store bought snack.  I made white chocolate dipped pretzels for the Valentine’s Day Snack Mix that I made a few weeks ago, and loved them so much, I was inspired to make a gluten free version!  I will be snacking on these puppies while I’m fighting nausea, playing road trip games, and probably blaring 90’s music Continue reading