Pineapple Guacamole


Spruce up your guacamole appetizer with these easy, tasty add-ins!  I usually make guacamole with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder and call it good.  It doesn’t need anything else to taste good, however having something different can always be more exciting!  Which is exactly what I am needing in my food right now…excitement.  I’m doing a paleo challenge for the next two weeks, Continue reading

Egg White Bites


Monday, monday we meet again.  I’m reminding myself this morning about my lecture from last week.  Mondays are supposed to be an inspirational, motivational day.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I’m getting myself mentally prepared for a doctors appointment I’m almost headed to Continue reading

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

PS Grilled Cheese

Last week, I posted a recipe and talked about how I still have the little kid in me, when it come to chicken nuggets and fries.  Well, that goes for grilled cheeses too.  I grew up eating buttered toasted fake wheat bread, with american cheese (as my family and I liked to call it, plastic cheese) and it was delicious.  However, the fake bread and cheese just doesn’t tickle my fancy anymore. Continue reading

A few quick and easy paleo to-go meals


I naturally eat about 75% paleo in my normal diet, but I decided to challenge myself and do strict paleo for 2 weeks.  I was feeling blah, just from the weight-gain I am getting from some medicine I am taking, so I wanted to just fill my body with good nutrients for the next couple weeks.  My goal in this was not to loose weight, but to feel good.   Continue reading

Shredded Chicken Veggie Bowl

Shredded Chicken Veggie Bowl

This meal is perfect if you are just wanting to eat meat and vegetables, because it is not boring just meat and vegetables.  Sometimes having just a chicken breast and some steamed vegetables is just not that satisfying.  I’m always thinking of new ways to cook and combine the two together to make is more exciting.  Eating is supposed to be exciting and enjoyable.  Boring food just isn’t enjoyable.   Continue reading