Hugo’s: Restaurant Review, Part II


Pictured:  Hugo’s Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin:  Poached eggs on toasted English muffins or gluten-free flat bread with house-smoked pork loin and Hollandaise sauce. Can be ordered with vegetarian Canadian bacon upon request. Served with Breakfast potatoes, turmeric ricen, or fresh fruit. 13.25

I’m telling you, if you are living in or visiting the Los Angeles area, you have to go to this restaurant!  It’s a must!  My husband and I visited Hugo’s a while back, and it is now by far one of our favorite restaurants.  Read about our first visit here.  We would go more often but it’s about a 50 minute drive from us. Continue reading

New York Vacation, Scrapbooking, & Where To Eat


New York City has been on my bucket list for places to travel to for years!  I have dreamt about going to New York City.  My husband and I made it happen November 2014.  We literally planned and booked the trip just a few months before, so it was more of a spontaneous vacation!  We had enough frequent flier miles to get free airfare, and we decided to go during Thanksgiving, which made finding coverage at our job easy, since 4 of the days our shop is closed for the holiday.  (We own a tile retail store.)  So between free airfare and being able to be away from the store for 7 days, we just couldn’t resist! Continue reading

Snapchat Photo Album

Snapchat My brother and his girlfriend went to Denmark to study abroad for two semesters this past year.  They were there for a total of 10 months.  They did a lot of traveling during winter break and long weekends.  I think they ended up going to about 10-15 different countries!  They posted some photos on Facebook and Instargram of their ventures along the way.  But the majority of the details from their time was seen in Snapchat!   Continue reading

San Francisco: A Few Restaurant Reviews


Tony’s Pizza  (home of 11 time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani)

Tacolicious (Dishes inspired from Mexico City in a sophisticated and urban setting.)

Cornology Popcorn (Organic popcorn shop.  Popcorn displayed like an ice cream parlor!)

Bi-Rite Creamery (Organic ice cream, soft serve, and baked goods with the most unique flavors.)

Continue reading

Sacramento: A Few Restaurant Reviews


Squeeze In (As seen on Diners Drive-Ins & Dive!)

Device Brewing Company (Kid Friendly, Dog Friendly, Outside Food Welcome)

Rubicon Brewing Company (Award-Winning Fine Ales)

Rick’s Dessert Diner (Sacramento’s Premier Dessert Destination)

I survived the 7 hour drive home from Sacramento without getting car sick!  It actually wasn’t that bad and could have been way worse.  We only hit traffic on our last stretch on the 5 freeway before heading onto the 126.  We also stopped by In N Out, which makes any car ride worth it.  We switched Pandora stations 1,000 times, Continue reading

Hugo’s: Restaurant Review


Pictured:  Hugo’s Sticky Buns (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, contains nuts)  Two warm and crispy sticky buns, glazed with organic vanilla sugar icing. Topped with caramelized pecan sauce.

Seriously, I can’t even on these sticky buns.  I was looking for gluten free friendly brunch places in our area for mine and my husband’s Day Date.  It’s a bummer that there isn’t anything in our hometown like this, but luckily, the valley and LA are so close to us, which are filled with options like this restaurant.  Hugo’s has 3 locations, and we went to the one in Agoura Hills, that’s closest to us. Continue reading

SoCal Day Dates!

Leslie 3

My husband and I had a few days off in a row from work together, which doesn’t happen often, unless we were going on vacation. We talked about going somewhere, like Disneyland, or camping, but it didn’t seem as though we had the energy to go do anything. But, we also didn’t want to just sit around the house either. Continue reading