Yoga for Fertility DVDs

Yoga DVD

I was given a fertility yoga DVD and it ended up sitting in my nightstand drawer collecting dust for about a year.  I don’t know why, but I just thought the DVD was silly.  I don’t like hearing things like “I did acupuncture and I got pregnant after 2 weeks!” or, “Yoga definitely got me pregnant!”  or, “I held my legs up over my head after intercourse…baby on the way now!” etc. etc.  Those sort of things come off like the act of doing those particular things, get you pregnant.  I do not agree with that.  That is why I did not want anything to do with that DVD…it’s not magic. Continue reading

Yoga With The Dolphins


I used to not have the patience for yoga!  Every time I tried it in the past I would get so bored and just stare at the clock watching the minutes slowly go by, until finally, an hour to an hour and a half later, it’s over.  I think I have grown to appreciate “calm, relaxing, focus on yourself” time with age.  I started practicing yoga just a few months ago, to help with infertility.  I’m doing yoga, as well as treatments with a fertility doctor, which I know is helping me to relax during this stressful time.   I tried acupuncture prior to trying more strenuous fertility treatments, but could not get into it.  I could not turn my mind off for an hour and just lay there.  I tried so hard!   Continue reading