Bedroom Decor, Part II


We have a “master bedroom”!  In a house!  There’s even an attached bathroom!  Did I mention we have a master bedroom!?  About a year ago I wrote about getting a new 5-piece “grownup size” bedroom set.  At the time, we were in a 1 bedroom apartment…oh how fun it was to fit the set into that apartment!  Well anyway, it now fits nicely in our new bedroom.  We both have nightstands, so convenient those suckers are!  How did I go so long without a nightstand? Continue reading

A Bright and Beachy Bathroom Remodel


I work at a tile showroom doing sales and design, so I have designed and assisted in designing my fair share of bathrooms.  This specific bathroom remodel was for my mom, so it was that much more exciting, oh, and nerve racking.  But first let me start by saying, my mom remodeled her bathroom!!!  My mom could always care less about doing anything that has to do with remodeling.  She would rather put her money into other things, like a beachy vacation.  Continue reading

Bedroom Decor


I am so excited…I finally got a bedroom set!  A real, beautiful dark wood, matching, grownup 5 piece bedroom set.  Our bedroom furniture was a mix of mine and my husband’s furniture from our childhood and random furniture collected through our college years.  We were waiting to purchase a bedroom set until we were settled into a house, but, we couldn’t pass up the deal on this bedroom set that a Facebook friend posted she was selling.  We figured even if it wouldn’t fit in our apartment now, we could store it for later.  But luckily, we managed to get it into our apartment…we were determined!  Continue reading