Snapchat Photo Album

Snapchat My brother and his girlfriend went to Denmark to study abroad for two semesters this past year.  They were there for a total of 10 months.  They did a lot of traveling during winter break and long weekends.  I think they ended up going to about 10-15 different countries!  They posted some photos on Facebook and Instargram of their ventures along the way.  But the majority of the details from their time was seen in Snapchat!   Continue reading

An Engagement Gift


I wanted to make something special for my best friend and her soon-to-be husband (now husband!) for their engagement party.  They ended up using the chalk board frame all the way up to their big day, and they even now have it displayed in their new home!  It’s the little things in life, that have big meanings.  🙂  Continue reading

Bedroom Decor, Part II


We have a “master bedroom”!  In a house!  There’s even an attached bathroom!  Did I mention we have a master bedroom!?  About a year ago I wrote about getting a new 5-piece “grownup size” bedroom set.  At the time, we were in a 1 bedroom apartment…oh how fun it was to fit the set into that apartment!  Well anyway, it now fits nicely in our new bedroom.  We both have nightstands, so convenient those suckers are!  How did I go so long without a nightstand? Continue reading

Europe Trip: As seen in Snapchat

Photo book gift idea!


My brother and his girlfriend went to Denmark to study abroad for 2 semesters, a total of 10 months.  I see my brother frequently, so for him leaving for that long was a big deal for our family!   Him and his girlfriend were doing a lot of snapchats, but I knew my mom and grandma wouldn’t be able to see them because they didn’t have snapchat, at the time.  (Yep, Grams is now a snapper).  They were snapchatting fun photos like when they arrived, pictures of their dorms, just silly, fun things.  I started screenshotting them so I could save them and show them to my mom and grandma.  Now, I know that isn’t the point of snapchat, but they weren’t posting pictures on facebook and very few on instagram.   Continue reading

Bachelorette Party Cups

IMG_5495 (1)

For my best friends bachelorette party, a few of us girls went to Laughlin for a weekend for the River Regatta.  We all had a great time!  It was full of sillines, bathing suits, alcohol, jean shorts, and sandals.  Could that get or sound any better?  Laughlin is similar to Vegas where you could walk around with your adult beverage and get crazy, minus the mini dress and high heels.  I made some fun, flashy, plastic party cups for us to use and carry around for the weekend.  They were a perfect addition to our bachelorette party supplies!

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DIY Crafts: Pre-Wedding Festivities


My best friend is now a Mrs.!!  They tied the knot just recently and I could’t be more happy for them.  The wedding weekend and ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I was her Matron of Honor, and it was so special to be by her side on her special day and along the way leading up to their special day.

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A Family Reunion Craft


Our annual family reunions are filled with fun, games, crafts, dinners, Cayucos peppermint ice cream (yes, in the summer), beach fun, bike rides, no makeup, beach campfires, a talent show, and more!  Seriously, we go nuts!  My older sister puts the schedule together every year.  She’s just wonderful!  It wouldn’t all come together so nicely and organized if it wasn’t for her. Continue reading