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Hello and welcome!  Thank you for visiting my blog! Welcome to the diary of my life full of fun, good food, fitness, and more!  I’m a twenty something year old girl who struggles to admit she’s actually almost 30. I love anything and everything that’s revolved around food. I enjoy the taste of good-quality healthy food; I’m not much into junk food, unless it’s ice cream. I love to workout, and feel most at home in a Crossfit gym. I’ve found a new love and appreciation for yoga, something that I used to dislike very much. I like to travel and get excited about trying new foods and restaurants in other areas. I’m married to the man of my dreams and appreciate him every day for putting up with my silliness. Our biggest prayer is to be parents one day.  We’re 2 years overdue, and venturing our way through the ups and downs of infertility treatment.  I tend to come off a little shy so I wanted a blog that gave me a place to express myself. This blog will be about my life; from my love of fitness, to sharing quick and easy healthy recipes, to our journey of becoming parents, to traveling and tasting good food, and of course, talking about what makes me happy; like ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles.  🙂

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