Turkey Club Pinwheels



These eye catching Turkey Club Pinwheels are extremely easy to make with deli restaurant style flavor!  They would make a perfect appetizer or a great to-go lunch.  Sandwiches is one of my favorite foods.  I haven’t been as in to them lately because I eat mostly low carb and gluten-free, and I haven’t found a bread that’s gluten-free that I like.  When I want to splurge, a gourmet deli sandwich will do the trick.  This wrap is obviously similar to a sandwich, with the tortilla wrap itself loaded with carbs and gluten, so I consider it a splurge however I don’t feel as blah after I eat it.  I know it’s ALL in my mind, but seriously the wrap just doesn’t seem as bread-y.


Turkey Club Pinwheels




what you need:  (serves 1)

what you do:

  1. Generously spread cream cheese over the wrap.
  2. Place deli meat, not overlapping each other, to cover the whole wrap.
  3. Place tomato slices on top of the deli meat.
  4. Lay 2 pieces of romaine hearts on each half of the wrap.
  5. Place bacon on top of the lettuce.
  6. Tightly roll the wrap, do not fold over the edges like a burrito.  The tighter, the better.
  7. Using a sharp knife, cut the rolled wrap into slices, about 10 – 12 slices.
  8. Eat them right away, serve them as an appetizer, or store them in a Tupperware for a great lunch-to-go!










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