Snapchat Photo Album

Snapchat My brother and his girlfriend went to Denmark to study abroad for two semesters this past year.  They were there for a total of 10 months.  They did a lot of traveling during winter break and long weekends.  I think they ended up going to about 10-15 different countries!  They posted some photos on Facebook and Instargram of their ventures along the way.  But the majority of the details from their time was seen in Snapchat!  I am very close to my brother, so it was exciting for me to get to see, almost daily, what they were up to and experiencing.  I had the idea at the beginning of their trip to screen shot all of their snapchats, to later put them all in a photo album for their memories.  They knew I was screenshotting every image, but they didn’t know why and eventually just ignored it.  They came home this past summer, and it took my a few months to organize all the photos I had and get them developed.  I gave them a huge photo album that was full of their snapchats, plus, a few more hundred pictures on the side that wouldn’t fit in the photo album!  I believe there was a total of around 800 photos.  This was their Christmas gift, and they absolutely loved it!  The photo album has a slot on the front for one picture, where I put the photo above as the album cover.  They might buy a second photo album for the rest of the photos!


My sister went to visit them for 3 weeks around the holidays, and I did the same thing with her snapchats.  She didn’t have near as many photos of course, because she was only there for 3 weeks.  So instead of getting a huge photo album, I made her’s into a photo book.  She loved it!


Here are just a tiny fraction of photos that went into their photo album.


IMG_7114 copy




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