San Francisco: A Few Restaurant Reviews


Tony’s Pizza  (home of 11 time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani)

Tacolicious (Dishes inspired from Mexico City in a sophisticated and urban setting.)

Cornology Popcorn (Organic popcorn shop.  Popcorn displayed like an ice cream parlor!)

Bi-Rite Creamery (Organic ice cream, soft serve, and baked goods with the most unique flavors.)

This was a quick weekend trip we took to San Francisco to visit my brother and his girlfriend in college.  Even though it was quick, we did a lot! I am extremely thankful we flew instead of driving, like we did for our Sacramento trip.  We only had a half a day on a Friday through Sunday for the trip, and we didn’t want to spend 14 of those hours in a vehicle.  Flying solved that problem, and is definitely worth it if you find good rates on tickets, which we did!  There just seems to be so much good food in San Francisco which made it difficult to narrow down and pick what to eat!  I did a lot of research online, and found a few places that were a must go.  I already have another list of places that I want to try out for the next time I’m there!


Tony’s Pizza, located in San Francisco’s Little Italy, is a must-go if you are visiting San Francisco!  Be prepared for a long wait, so don’t go starving like we did!  We arrived on Friday night at 8:00PM and our wait was 1-1/2 hours!  No joke, we ended up grabbing a slice of pizza next door to tie us over.  We took the first table that was open, which was outdoors.  They had space heaters, which worked well.  Their menu is full of tasty sounding pizza with different ways it could be ordered, laid out by categories.  There’s coal fired, gas at different degrees to choose from, gluten free, wood fired…the list goes on!  We decided on the New Yorker under the Coal Fired Category, 1000 Degree.  (mozzarella, hand crushed tomato sauce, natural casing pepperoni, sliced italian fennel sausage, calabrese sausage, ricotta, chopped garlic & oregano $28)  It was a gold medal winner in Las Vegas in 2013.  It was delicious!  It came out nice and hot, had the right consistency of toppings, and the crust was not too crunchy but not too soft.  It was perfect!  I will definitely be coming back to this place to try a different pizza next time I’m in SF.





Tacolicious, has 4 locations in San Francisco.  This kept popping up on my Pinterest, and online when I was googling Places to Eat in San Francisco.  Their menu really stood out to me because it wasn’t just your typical mexican taco joint.  I don’t even think they have a burrito, or enchiladas on their menu.  It’s more of a sophisticated, urban, hipster feel.  Their Menu has things from a kale salad with butternut squash, to sweet plantains, albacore tuna tostadas, and wild mushroom empanadas.  The one item that really drew me in was the Fried Sweet Plantains.  I make fried plantains a lot at home, so I was excited to order it and try it restaurant style.  I was actually disappointed by their dish.  Part of it was my fault for not noticing the word sweet in their title, but they were way too sweet and soft.  I was hoping for more of a crunchy, salty taste, so I was just taken by surprise.  I learned that I don’t like sweet plantains, so now I know never to try them at home!  I cook my plantains when they are still green or yellow.  Once they start turning brown they get sweeter, and the more brown they get, the sweeter they get.  OK, so enough talk on plantains.  If you like sweet plantains, then I don’t think you would be disappointed.  Now, let’s talk about their tacos.  We ordered 2 of their 4 platter tacos between the 4 of us, with their rice and beans on the side.  The two tacos that I ordered were the charred butternut squash (braised leeks, kale, cotija cheese, pepitas, arbol chili salsa) and the chicken en mole colorado (cotija cheese, lime cured onions).  These tacos were so good!  We would have ordered more but we wanted to save room for dessert!  I definitely recommend coming here if you are visiting San Francisco!  It’s unique, so you won’t be disappointed.  The over 120 tequilas makes it easy to come back, as well!







We stumbled across Cornology Popcorn when we were walking around the neighborhood waiting for our table at Tony’s Pizza.  This place was so cute!  They had different flavors of popcorn displayed behind glass like an ice cream parlor!  You are able to sample the different kinds of popcorn, and take it in resealable bag, different sizes to choose from.  The man even over stuffed our bags purposely, so we had to eat some before sealing the bag.  Their Truffle Parmesan was our favorite!  We left with a small bag.  Some of their other flavors included Double Cheddar, Chocolate Drizzle, Jamaican Mojo, and Logemann’s Caramel.  I’ve been crazy for popcorn lately, so I was lovin’ this place!  All their popcorn is organic, NON-GMO corn grown in California! And guess what?  You can order online!  Here’s their flavors and where you can order online.  Do it!!




We walked to Bi-Rite Creamery after our dinner at Tacolicious.  Their ratings were fabulous on yelp so I checked out their website and I really liked their approach on good tasting ice cream.  All their ingredients are local and organic, and most of their ice cream is made with less than 5 ingredients.  They bake their baked goods daily, all with organic ingredients of course, that they mix in the necessary ice cream flavors.  I really wanted to try one of their sundaes, but my tacos had settled in my stomach since dinner, so I just didn’t know how much more I could stuff in.  I ended up ordering just a few scoops of  butter pecan and my husband ordered a scoop of that and a scoop of our favorite ice cream, Cookies and Cream.  It was the best cookies and cream I have tasted!  Except for the one that we made the other night, of course. 🙂




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