The Stonehaus: Restaurant Review


I took my husband to a winery restaurant called Stonehause in Westlake as part of our Day Date that I planned. This place is fabulous. I had been here once before about a year ago with a friend for lunch, and I was waiting for the opportunity to bring my husband here. It’s only about a 25-30 minute drive, but that still seemed to get in the way of us going sooner. He loved it, so I’m sure we will go back again soon!

This décor and European ambiance is like a little escape from reality for a few hours. It’s quant, peaceful, and full of delicious food and wine. By far, the best day date.   There is indoor seating in a room that ‘s decorated nicely, and a lot of outdoor seating to choose from. There are bar top tables off to the side by a vineyard, picnic style tables next to the pizza in the vineyard area, big wood chairs by a water fountain that have a hole in the arm to hold your wine glasses, and an area of tables that feels more restaurant style.


We started off with a flight of a selection of white wine, and enjoyed it in the big chairs by the fountain. After sipping on our wine, and having good conversation, we went inside at the wine bar area to order a glass of wine that we enjoyed best from our tasting, and some food. It was extremely difficult to choose food, because they have such a great selection, but we decided on a Margherita Pizza, which gets cooked in an outdoor vineyard pizza oven, and the Fig, Goat Cheese & Prosciutto Panini. We moved to the bar top tables by the vineyards while waiting for our food.  Our food came out to us right when it started to rain.  By this point we were really feeling like we were on some Island vacation, hot and rainy!  We moved to the inside tables to finish our glass of wine and food.  We were table hoppers!  It worked out though, because we experienced most of the seating area, and I can now confidently recommend any table or seating area in this place is great!


I posted a photo of our sandwich on Instagram, and a few weeks later Stonehaus re-posted my photo and asked if I had lunch plans.  Seriously, how cool is that?!  Oh it’s the little things that get my excited in life. 🙂 I highly recommend this place!  You won’t be disappointed!


Our wine flights!


Fig, Goat Cheese & Prosciutto Panini


Big chairs by the fountain!


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