Cashew Milk Chocolate Shake


I almost bought this “new item” by Silk, like 5 times, but always left with the Silk Vanilla Almond Milk instead.  It’s really hard for me to try something new, when I know that I like something else so much.  I think it’s the disappointment that I fear.  It’s like trying something different that’s not “your usual” at any restaurant.  Sometimes it works out and you may just find a new usual, and sometimes you end up regretting your decision.  I decided to go against my usual Silk Almond Milk this past week, and left with the Silk Cashew Milk instead, and I was not disappointed!  It is just as good!  So, if anything, now I have a problem because I like both equally the same!  And I am extremely indecisive when it comes to what I’m craving at the time and food.  Do I make my smoothie with almond milk, or cashew milk?  Decisions, decisions.  This chocolate shake it simple, delicious, and “healthy”.  It makes a perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


what you need:


what you do:

  1. Put frozen bananas into the cup/glass you will be drinking the smoothie from.
  2. Pour cashew milk to the rim of the frozen bananas (if the bananas don’t fill the whole cup, don’t fill the whole cup with liquid.  Only fill up to the bananas.)
  3. Pour ingredients in cup into a blender. (bananas, cashew milk)
  4. Add PB2 powder and cocoa powder
  5. Blend until smooth. (It should be thick and creamy)
  6. Pour back into glass, drink, and enjoy!

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