Getting through Cycle Day 1 “CD1”


Cycle Day 1 “CD1” is literally the hardest day to face.  It means that the whole previous cycle…all the emotions, time, daydreams, and money, is now lost.  CD1 wipes it all out.  CD1 starts the madness all over again.  CD1 means a bottle of wine is acceptable.

Yesterday was my CD1.  It’s a day I find myself questioning everything, and re-evaluating what I’m really doing and putting myself through.  My questioning usually only lasts for a few minutes, and then I make that dreadful call to my doctor informing them it’s my CD1.  I then become anxious to move forward into the new cycle, and I’m just wanting time to move very quickly.

So anyway, CD1, regardless of how positive I can remind myself to be, unfortunately, leaves me feeling down and defeated.  So, to get through it, I do something that makes me happy!  Cooking, hanging w/ my husband, and eating lots of ice cream, makes me happy.  Luckily, I didn’t know it was my CD1 until around 2:00PM, towards the end of my working day.  So after work, I went straight to my happy place, the kitchen!  Being in the kitchen just soothes me, it’s like my therapy.  I cooked a yummy meal for my husband and I while drinking a glass of wine.  Then we enjoyed dinner and talked over our bottle of wine, while enjoying the California cool breeze that we’ve been lacking here, in our backyard.  After that, I baked some delicious paleo chocolate chip cookies.  I then got ready for bed, scooped a ginormous bowl of ice cream, with a warm cookie on the side, and watched the first episode of the new show Quantico.  Good show, by the way.  I went to bed feeling pretty positive and OK.  Now, it’s morning, and I’m off to my first ultra sound for this cycle.  And so it begins!  Again…
Dinner! – I made plantain chips w/ spicy honey mustard sauce, heated up some pre-cooked sausages on the BBQ, with a kale salad on the side.  Oh yes, and wine, can’t forget the wine.
Dessert! – I made Healthy Food For Living’s paleo chocolate chip cookies.  Delicious!  With some ice cream, of course! 🙂

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