Bravelle, bravelle, and… more bravelle?

Bravelle 2

Here comes a mid-cycle infertility treatment rant.  I’m in my second cycle with 5 days clomid, followed by vials of bravelle, + trigger shot.  The first cycle was a smooth ride.  I took 5 days Clomid CD4-CD8 and 3 bravelle shots CD9-CD11 and went for US the following day.  My follicle measured a 25 and I was ready for my trigger shot!  We did timed intercourse that cycle and well…how that turned out is a given; given that I’m in the middle of the next cycle.   My husband and I decided to move forward to IUI instead of timed intercourse for this next cycle.

The cycle started out the same and I was given the same protocol.  I go in for my ultra sound after my 3 bravelle shots, all excited to trigger that evening and go in for IUI 2 days later.  Well, I was taken back when my follicle measured only a 10.
I was instructed to take 4 more days of bravelle and come in for another ultra sound.  My follicle measured an 11.  Then I was instructed to do a dose and a half that night, and then 1, and return back 2 days later.  My follicle measured a 13.  That’s today.  So now, I’m supposed to double the dose tonight (2 bravelle), and take 1.5 tomorrow, and return back the following day.  I feel like it is never ending!

It’s hard to believe that my follicle is going to grow to a 21, where the doctor needs it, when I’ve been taking so much bravelle and it’s growing only a small fraction a day.  It’s also frustrating and confusing because of how nicely my body responded the first time.  But, I’m starting to understand that each cycle is different.  Well, I’m not starting to understand it; I’m just starting to accept it.  We were considering canceling this cycle ourselves, because it is costing us so much financially for my follicles to be growing at a snail’s pace; but something is telling us to keep pushing through and to not give up on this cycle quite yet.  We just weren’t sure if it would end up costing us more financially in the end to continue with this cycle, versus starting a new one, with a higher dose from the beginning.  We decided to just re-evaluate the situation after every ultra sound.   Our doctor has been a big supporter and is pushing for us to not give up on this cycle yet, which has been extremely comforting and helpful.  As much as this whole cycle and experience just sucks, I just keep reminding myself that I’m blessed to even have this opportunity and that my body is actually responding to the bravelle.  Slowly, but it’s responding. 🙂

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