Yoga With The Dolphins


I used to not have the patience for yoga!  Every time I tried it in the past I would get so bored and just stare at the clock watching the minutes slowly go by, until finally, an hour to an hour and a half later, it’s over.  I think I have grown to appreciate “calm, relaxing, focus on yourself” time with age.  I started practicing yoga just a few months ago, to help with infertility.  I’m doing yoga, as well as treatments with a fertility doctor, which I know is helping me to relax during this stressful time.   I tried acupuncture prior to trying more strenuous fertility treatments, but could not get into it.  I could not turn my mind off for an hour and just lay there.  I tried so hard!  But, just couldn’t do it.  With yoga, I am able to turn my mind off and get in the zone.  I think I’m able to do that, because I’m still moving.  I’m doing a form of working out, which I love, instead of just laying there, which I hate.  I’m the kind of person who wakes up in the morning, and jumps right out of bed.  It’s so hard for me to just lay there and relax.  I’m thankful I have found yoga to help with my lack of ability to just…relax.

A few weeks ago, my family and I took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday.  We stayed at the Mirage Hotel, which was my first time staying there.  I’ve stayed at many hotels in Vegas, and I actually really enjoyed this one!  The grounds was nice, and the hotel was full of a lot of neat things.  They have an aquarium, a beautiful atrium, a volcano, a secret garden, and a Dolphin Habitat.  As well as a nice pool, a yummy breakfast cafe called Pantry, and a frozen yogurt shop!  (I got froyo everyday, figures.)

I saw a sign that said, “Yoga With The Dolphins” in the lobby, and knew I had to get more information on it! I brought my fertility yoga DVD with me on the trip, incase I had the urge to bust out some yoga moves in my hotel room before venturing out to the Vegas chaos. But, forget hotel room yoga!  Yoga with the Dolphins just sounds way more exciting!

So, here I was in Las Vegas, signing up for a yoga class.  Instead of having a drink in hand at 2:00AM, I had a yoga mat in hand at 8:00AM, and it couldn’t have made me more happy!

My mom and I signed up for the class together.  A great opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding time.  The class was $50.oo, which included access to their spa all day.  Their spa has 2 kinds of saunas, 4 different spas, showers, a large vanity area with all the items a girl uses to get ready for the day, and refreshments like coffee, tea and fruit.  My mom used the saunas and spas before getting ready for dinner, and she was in heaven.  I ended up only using some spa amenities in the morning when we were there for yoga.

The yoga was so peaceful and relaxing!  We did the yoga in an underwater viewing room.  The area only fits about 8 girls, comfortably, so the class size is smaller, which is nice. The dolphins swim all around, and even come up to the glass and interact with you.  It was really neat!  After the class, we went back to the spa where they had complimentary smoothies waiting for us.  Good morning, Vegas!

Here’s some fun pictures of us at our Yoga with the dolphins experience!





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