An Engagement Gift


I wanted to make something special for my best friend and her soon-to-be husband (now husband!) for their engagement party.  They ended up using the chalk board frame all the way up to their big day, and they even now have it displayed in their new home!  It’s the little things in life, that have big meanings.  🙂 

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Chalk Board Frame:

what you need:

  • frame of choice (I picked out an 8 x 10, any size would work!)
  • chalk board spray paint
  • regular chalk (not a chalk board pen)  Find this at an office supply store.
  • flowers and other decorations of choice (pick based on the color theme you want)

what you do:  (pictures below to help)

  • remove the glass from the frame.  Clean the glass with windex, and let dry.
  • put the glass on a piece of cardboard or something that you don’t mind getting spray paint on, to later throw away.
  • spray one coat of chalk board paint on the glass, let sit for an hour to completely dry, and repeat with one more coat of paint.
  • let the glass sit overnight.  You now have a chalk board!
  • shave/cut a piece chalk to have one straight edge.  (the chalk comes round, flatten one side to form a half circle)
  • using the flat side of the chalk, rub a layer of chalk over the chalk board.  Lightly brush it on doing back and forth like strokes.
  • once the chalk board is all white from the chalk, use a dry napkin or paper towel to remove the chalk.  Now your chalk board looks more natural and rustic, vs. having a bright, newly painted chalk board.
  • put chalk board/glass back in frame.
  • decorate your frame, however you would like.  I wanted to keep it simple, but have a little something.  I was going with a soft blue and beige/rustic theme.  I added a few pearls in the middle of some burlap flowers, just to give them an elegant feel.  I super glued the burlap flowers on the bottom right, with a little bit of ribbon.  I added the ribbon first, then put the flowers on top.
  • write on your frame, using the chalk, ” _ Days Until We Become Mr. and Mrs)
  • tape a piece of chalk to the back of the frame so they can update their number daily. 🙂


Painted Mason Jar

click here for painted mason jar instructions.

I added a chalkboard decal to the front of the mason jar and put (C + A) for their initials.  I used a chalk board marker for this, so the chalk comes out brighter.

I added some fresh flowers…a sweet touch!













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