Bedroom Decor, Part II


We have a “master bedroom”!  In a house!  There’s even an attached bathroom!  Did I mention we have a master bedroom!?  About a year ago I wrote about getting a new 5-piece “grownup size” bedroom set.  At the time, we were in a 1 bedroom apartment…oh how fun it was to fit the set into that apartment!  Well anyway, it now fits nicely in our new bedroom.  We both have nightstands, so convenient those suckers are!  How did I go so long without a nightstand?  Well, now I have a continuation and extension to the bedroom decor.  More space meant more room to decorate.

My grams finished the afghan I mentioned, that fits at the foot of our bed.  It took us forever to find a yarn color that matched the paint swatch we used, but she found a pretty good match on  She just finished another one for us that is a taupy grey that will eventually go in our living room.  By the way, living room furniture is expensive!  That room will not be coming together anytime soon.


The bedroom is a pretty decent size, so I thought it would be nice to put an accent chair in the corner.  My husband and I were out shopping for living room furniture (never ended up buying any.  Again, expensive) when I spotted this chair.  It was exactly what I had in mind, and the design color on it was a similar blue to the paint color I used for the decor in the room.  We ended up not purchasing the chair that day.  Yes I know, makes no sense.  But about a week later I came home to find this in the dorway.  Man, is my husband good.  🙂


I found a piece of art from Target that had a lot of the bedroom decor color pallet in it, and even introducing some yellow.  I hung it above the chair in the corner, but still that corner needed a pop, just a little something more.  I really liked the yellow from the painting so I thought putting a yellow pillow on the chair to tie the two together would look nice.  I am very pleased with how it all works together, but the pillow was a little too big.  I returned the pillow and keeping my eyes open for a smaller, rectangular yellow pillow.


Since I have a nightstand, I can now have a nightstand lamp, yipee!  This lamp came from Target, and so did the drawers for the cubbies.



I found these frames at Target, as well.  On sale for like $5!  I wanted colorful pictures in them, so I used one from our engagement shoot, and one the painted mason jar event from our family reunion.

By the way, I didn’t realize I purchased everything from Target until I started writing this.  I did not buy everything in one trip and it just happened that way.  I love Target, apparently.  🙂








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