Europe Trip: As seen in Snapchat

Photo book gift idea!


My brother and his girlfriend went to Denmark to study abroad for 2 semesters, a total of 10 months.  I see my brother frequently, so for him leaving for that long was a big deal for our family!   Him and his girlfriend were doing a lot of snapchats, but I knew my mom and grandma wouldn’t be able to see them because they didn’t have snapchat, at the time.  (Yep, Grams is now a snapper).  They were snapchatting fun photos like when they arrived, pictures of their dorms, just silly, fun things.  I started screenshotting them so I could save them and show them to my mom and grandma.  Now, I know that isn’t the point of snapchat, but they weren’t posting pictures on facebook and very few on instagram.  I only did it at the beginning, to show them, but then I thought of the idea to screenshot all of their pictures and get them all developed for them at the end of their adventure and put them in a photo album. Silly, I know.  But I tend to do silly things.

My sister went to visit them for 3 weeks around Christmas time, so I decided to screenshot all of hers and put a photo book together!  Even though she may have some duplicate of photos now, because whatever she snapchatted, she may have taken a real picture of the same thing, I still think it’s fun to look back at the memory of the snapchat.

I made the photo book through Snapfish.

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