Bachelorette Party Cups

IMG_5495 (1)

For my best friends bachelorette party, a few of us girls went to Laughlin for a weekend for the River Regatta.  We all had a great time!  It was full of sillines, bathing suits, alcohol, jean shorts, and sandals.  Could that get or sound any better?  Laughlin is similar to Vegas where you could walk around with your adult beverage and get crazy, minus the mini dress and high heels.  I made some fun, flashy, plastic party cups for us to use and carry around for the weekend.  They were a perfect addition to our bachelorette party supplies!

What you need:

  • plastic cups w/ lids
  • cute paper/plastic straws
  • label stickers
  • ribbon

I found plastic cups and lids at Smart & Final.  (It was the best find ever, because now I can take my morning smoothie to go, which is great for rushed mornings getting to work.  The cups come in a pack of 25 and the lids come in a pack of 50.  Yep, makes not sense.)


– I found the cute paper straws at Target.  I usually buy those online at an Etsy Shop, but Target happened to have them and in the color I was wanting…hot pink!

– The label stickers are from Michaels.  It was great because the labels had a black border, and the colors I wanted to use were pink and black.

– The ribbon is from Michaels, as well.  They had black ribbon with rhinestones, perfect for the theme!!  Nice and flashy!!

Here’s all the supplies…


What you do:

  1. Pick the colors you want to incorporate in the cups.
  2. In a word document, type and design the following.  Bride’s Name Bachelorette Bash  (for the front of all the cups)  Bride’s Drinking Team Cheers Ladies!  (for the back of all the bridesmaids/friends cups)  I’m the Bride Cheers Ladies!  (for the back of the bride’s cup)
  3. Design by changing the font and colors to your liking.
  4. Print them on a regular piece of paper first to make sure they line up properly to the template the stickers are on.  Then, print them on the stickers.  Each cup will need 2 stickers.
  5. Stick them on the cups.  Try your best to put them at the same spot on the front and back.
  6. Lid and straw your cups.
  7. Tie a bow using your ribbon around the straws.  I used the black rhinestone for the girl’s cups and pink and white sheer ribbon for the Bride’s cup.
  8. Voila!







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