DIY Crafts: Pre-Wedding Festivities


My best friend is now a Mrs.!!  They tied the knot just recently and I could’t be more happy for them.  The wedding weekend and ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I was her Matron of Honor, and it was so special to be by her side on her special day and along the way leading up to their special day.

There are many pre-wedding festivities that traditionally take place leading up to the big day.  Being that I was the Matron of Honor, I was involved in a lot of the festivities, so I had the freedom to get a bit creative.  I don’t know where this creativity of mine came from.  In the past, I hated crafts.  Ok, well hate is a strong word, but, I didn’t get excited over doing them.  I would get bored and loose my patients quickly.  Or maybe it’s because I’m just thinking about scrapbooking in the past.  I hate scrapbooking.  Yes, I said hate and meant it.  But seriously, just recently out of nowhere BOOM, Michael’s became my new favorite store.  I think I found a balance that works for me and that’s a way to be crafty, make something cute, but nothing too complicated.  I had so much fun!!  And everything I made was, of course, made with love, just for my best friend!

Here is a list of everything I made…

An Engagement Gift (Chalk Board Frame..Days Till Wedding countdown, and painted mason jar)

Bridal Shower Invites (Mason jar invites)

Bridal Shower Mason Jars and Decor

Bachelorette Party Cups

Wedding Day Bridal Party Glasses

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