A Family Reunion Craft


Our annual family reunions are filled with fun, games, crafts, dinners, Cayucos peppermint ice cream (yes, in the summer), beach fun, bike rides, no makeup, beach campfires, a talent show, and more!  Seriously, we go nuts!  My older sister puts the schedule together every year.  She’s just wonderful!  It wouldn’t all come together so nicely and organized if it wasn’t for her.  Here’s an example of what this years Family Reunion looked like.

Family Reunion Schedule Pic 2

I have been really into painting mason jars this past year and decided this would make a perfect family reunion craft!  I got a whole bunch of fun paint and ribbon colors from Michael’s.  I usually like to wait one day after painting a mason jar before I distress it with sandpaper.  That time allows for the paint to completely settle for it to flake off with ease.  But, I didn’t want this craft to drag in to 2 days.  We waited about an hour after painting, before we started distressing, and it worked just fine!










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