Bedroom Decor


I am so excited…I finally got a bedroom set!  A real, beautiful dark wood, matching, grownup 5 piece bedroom set.  Our bedroom furniture was a mix of mine and my husband’s furniture from our childhood and random furniture collected through our college years.  We were waiting to purchase a bedroom set until we were settled into a house, but, we couldn’t pass up the deal on this bedroom set that a Facebook friend posted she was selling.  We figured even if it wouldn’t fit in our apartment now, we could store it for later.  But luckily, we managed to get it into our apartment…we were determined!  One of the nightstands is in our living room, as a piece of furniture, because it wouldn’t fit in our bedroom.  The one nightstand we managed to fit into our bedroom could only fit sideways.  So we can’t use the drawers, but that’s beside the point.  We have a bedroom set, with a California King bed and a beautiful large dresser…so you could say I’m a happy girl!

A new bedroom set meant new bedroom decor, right?!  Right.  This is the exciting part.  So, I first picked the bread spread and then built off of that.

Picking the bedding was difficult!  It’s hard finding bedding that is neutral enough for a husband and wife.  I didn’t want anything too girly, but then I didn’t want anything too bold either.  We ended up finding one from Bed Bath & Beyond that is neutral with the beige, creme, and taupe shades.   Here it is…


I then searched on Pinterest to find a color pallet that I wanted to use for the decor.  This is the pallet I decided on…


Then I went to Lowe’s and found some paint swatches that matched the color pallet.  I tried to find paint swatches that also incorporated the wood of the bedroom set and the colors in the bedspread so I could see all the colors together to make sure they all complimented each other.


Now that I have my color pallet picked, I had to think of what type of decor and accents I wanted in the bedroom.  An accent wall of the mint color from the pallet would have been perfect, but I couldn’t do that because of the apartment regulations…and we are trying not to get too settled in this place anyway.  So, I thought painting letters that read Mr & Mrs to put above the headboard would be cute.  I decided to use the mint green color as the main color and accent it with the darker blue shade.



I then painted the frame that had one of our wedding photos in it.  It was black, so we painted it the darker blue color to match the “&”.


I added a painted mason jar in the mint green color for on top of our dresser.


The last touch is a quilt in the mint green color for the foot of our bed.  My grandma’s making it and it is going to be so warm and cozy and perfect, because anything grandmas make are just wonderful.

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