music to your ears

IMG_1633I really wish I knew how to play guitar.  And sing.  Play the guitar and sing.  Then it would make more sense to wear these guitar pick earrings.  But, I don’t care.  I love music.  Oh, and singing.  But seriously, I absolutely love music.  Guitar picks have to do with music, therefore, I can wear music to my ears if I’d like.  I made these years back with my Grandma and cousin.  My cousin plays the guitar and sings.  But anyway, they turned out pretty awesome.  I remember getting compliments every time I wore them.  I ended up misplacing them over the years and kind of forgetting about them.  I had one of those  “oh my gosh, I used to love those earrings!” moments when I was going through old pictures of myself.  So, I decided to make them again!  I set up an Etsy shop called Music To Your Ears, but, just didn’t really keep up with it.  So…here’s how to make them!

music to your ears

DIY guitar pick earrings.

What you need:

  • 2 of your favorite guitar picks (preferable matching)
  • rhinestone or pearls
  • mini pliers
  • jewelry glue
  • block of wood
  • electric screw driver
  • small drill bit
  • metal jump ring
  • hook earrings

What you do:

  1. Place guitar pick on a block of wood and drill a hole at the very top using a small drill bit with an electric screwdriver. (tip:  make sure there is a little bit of space between the top of the guitar pick and the hole)
  2. Using the pliers, slightly open the jump ring and stick it through the hole in the earring.  Then, insert the hook earring through the opening of the jump ring.  Seal the opening of the jump ring together with the pliers.
  3. Using the pliers to handle the small rhinestone or pearls, glue them onto the guitar pick using the jewelry glue.  Place one on the tip and two on each side, make sure they are center. (tip:  make sure there is a little bit of space between the rhinestone/pearls and the bottom of the guitar pick)
  4. You’re done!  Wear them and enjoy the compliments!





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